The future of Ground Transportation and RideBits

The future of Ground Transportation and RideBits


I am Kola, Founder of RideBits. I want to release a version of RideBits that will be significantly better, simpler and smarter. I’d like to ask for your help in this process. I built RideBits in 2012 after looking around and not liking other options for booking trips, so I decided to build one that i liked at the time. I decided to go for a simplified booking system that did not put additional “strain” on passengers during bookings. Many liked and responded positively to such a simple booking experience, even though we also built and probably still have the most advanced rate pricing engine that works in almost all scenarios.

However, that initial vision was in 2012 and I have now seen some of our design choices in the many competitors out there. But that was 2012 and now in 2019, we’ve learnt so much more and are ready to push the envelope again. This time, our mindset is to truly enable independent ground transportation companies with technology that works seamlessly.

In the long run, only differentiated service offerings like yours will be profitable. Services like Uber/Lyft will continue an un-ending price race to the bottom because their customers react and switch services mostly because of price and nothing else. Most if not all our thriving customers do so because they focus on offering a service for which they can then charge a quality price for. And their passengers are happy to pay for that peace of mind rather than wait for an unknown Uber/Lyft experience.

So it’s for these customers we are building the next version of RideBits. We are putting everything we’ve learned, every conversation, every bug report to making sure our customers are now equipped with the best tech to compete in these new world.

Your passengers will be able to use apps that give them a more personal, safe and premium touch. An experience that will humanize the whole experience and connect you with your drivers sensibly.

This time, we aren’t just listening to your pain, we are living it. Our team in the last months has even started doing real trip requests using RideBits so we can really learn what makes it all work well. Because in the end, if we create the perfect experiences for owners, drivers and passengers, we know you will thrive. And if you thrive, so will we.

Please let me know if you would like to join our beta program so you can be among the first to use these new capabilities.

Kola Ashiru
Founder, RideBits