Limo companies and the millennial generation

Who exactly are Millennials?  Chances are, if you're reading this article and randomly stumbled upon it, you fall into the "millennial" category. Simply put, a millennial is that person that expects to always have information at his/her fingertips. In this day and age of smartphones, tablet devices, and easy internet access it only makes sense that one would expect to be able to order for almost anything online within seconds of a quick search.

So how do we sell to Millennials? We sell to Millennials by thinking like them. If i'm flying off to a strange city and need to get to a meeting within the hour of my arrival, I'd like to be able to get online (prior to my trip), search for a nearby limo company, get on their website and make a quick reservation - trusting that they'll be there right on time. I'd like to be able to make this reservation while having a casual conversation with a friend, or sitting in an informal meeting... I don't want to have to pick up the phone and have a long drawn-out conversation trying to spell out my name and give other details about my arrival time/date etc. Your job as a limo company, is to make the process of making a reservation as simple and seamless as possible for customers (current and potential ones). How is this done?? Well here are some simple necessary things you should have in place:

  • create a simple website, with a landing page that easily directs customers to all the need-to-know information about reservations/bookings and the vehicles available
  • ensure your limo reservation software is very easy to use, clearly stating all necessary information needed in order to pick up the customer on time at his/her location and serve them through the day as needed. Upon making a booking, the customer should be able to get an instant quote in order to decide whether to go through with the reservation or not
  • a simple mobile website linked to the reservation software that enables quick and easy reservations

Now, these points won't ensure that you'll become a multi-million dollar company in a day, but you're sure to have happy first-time and return customers. If you can save them the frustration of planning something so simple in their day as booking a limo for their business trips, weddings, parties, and whatever else… you'll have them eating out the palm of your hands (not literaly :p) … So if you haven't already, please save a life today - go and fix your limo company website!